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Industrial application of metal powder

2019-12-25 15:20:17

The pelletizer will introduce the industrial application of metal powder to you.Iron powder is an indispensable metal raw material in the national economy, especially in the machinery manufacturing industry. Iron and steel powder is mainly used in powder metallurgy, electrode production, flame cutting cleaning, magnetic field, electrostatic copying, power industry, food industry, medicine, chemical industry and other industries. The dose depends on the situation and the number of products.

Industrial application

Iron powder is mainly used in the production of P / M mechanical parts. Its main physical properties are bulk density, fluidity, formability, particle shape, etc., which are mainly affected by the production method and chemical composition of iron powder.

(1) The application of reaming powder in the manufacture of P / M structural parts

The manufacturing of P / M mechanical parts has many advantages, such as saving materials and working hours, being easy to automate, organizing mass production and so on. Iron based P / M mechanical parts have been widely used in China's automobile, motorcycle, household appliances, electric tools, office machinery, agricultural machinery, machine tools, instruments, textile machinery, metallurgical machinery and other industrial sectors.

(2) Application of iron powder in the production of welding electrode and flame cutting

Iron powder for electrode accounts for a certain proportion in the whole application of iron powder (37% in Sweden). Generally speaking, adding 10% - 30% iron powder to the electrode coating can improve the welding performance of the electrode.

Flame cutting and cleaning is another important aspect of iron powder application. The United States uses about 7000 tons of iron powder every year. When using oxyhydrogen flame or acetylene flame to cut refractories (such as concrete), adding iron powder into the flame can not only improve the flame temperature, but also play a role of solvent.

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Lianyungang hengxintong Mining Co., Ltd

Mobile: 13815662861

Operator: 0518-82301999

Address: east side of g228 shaoxianghe bridge, Shanghe logistics District, Lianyun District, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province

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