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Technical analysis of reducing iron powder industry

2019-12-25 11:51:07

According to the technical analysis of reduction iron powder industry in China:

The production of reduced iron powder from high-purity iron concentrate is in the initial stage of development in China, and has a broad prospect in China. China's resources are suitable for the development of this technology. The technical characteristics of China's reduced iron powder industry in 2017 are analyzed. First of all, China is rich in coal resources, with proven reserves of about 700 billion tons. The coal types are complete and widely distributed, and the iron ore resources suitable for the process are also very rich. For example, Shanxi, Nanfen, Benxi, Liaoning, Jidong and other regions produce a large number of high-quality magnetite concentrate powder, with an average production capacity of 50000-100000 tons, large particle size and easy grinding. The further development of beneficiation technology has laid a solid foundation for further purification of iron concentrate.

According to the analysis of the industrial development of reduced iron powder in China, with the continuous improvement and expansion of the use of iron powder, higher requirements are put forward for the quality of reduced iron powder. In order to meet this requirement, in 1946, hydrogen secondary fine reduction treatment was added to the process, which made a great breakthrough in improving the chemical purity of iron powder and the physical and metallurgical properties of iron powder, reducing the C content of iron powder to 0.01%, hydrogen loss to about 0.12%, and compressibility to 6.8g/cm3.

For an enterprise, it is necessary to have core development content, which is the spiritual pillar of the long-term development of the enterprise, so as to show its value. If an enterprise does well in its brand, its intangible assets will increase accordingly, which will greatly improve the added value of its products.

Therefore, in the development of China's reduction iron powder production enterprises, we should pay attention to the strength of brand formation, mainly from the quality, management and service, pay attention to the extension of products and additional products, constantly upgrade and transform, visit users regularly, understand the production situation in time and the needs of users, so as to produce good products in line with the market.



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Lianyungang hengxintong Mining Co., Ltd

Mobile: 13815662861

Operator: 0518-82301999

Address: east side of g228 shaoxianghe bridge, Shanghe logistics District, Lianyun District, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province

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